The Prison CD by Michael Nesmith

The Prison CD by Michael Nesmith

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Nez has this idea that reading and listening at the same time combine to make a third medium, inside your head. Since we tend not to read while listening to music, we wouldn't know, but the people who do, say The Prison and/or The Garden are wonders. Like so many things, the people who love these, LOVE them, and the people who don't, write for the British press.

A Review Of "The Prison" By One Reader/Listener Who Loved It:

Cosmic Love Story

First published in 1974 as I recall, The Prison is an amazing allegorical tale of the quest for truth amist the prisons of fear. It is a story which has reverberated for me over three decades. This version with CD for the musical "soundtrack" and the booklet of the story is handsomely done. The music was ahead of its time then, and still probably is -- something like a cross of the western music of the prairies and new age soundscape. But the story! Oh what an enchanting tale. Michael does a masterful job of drawing you into the seemingly simple story, only to have more and more pieces which don't seem to fit. Finally, the prison break is made and the utterly mindblowing realization that the Truth shall set you free! This is a marvelously artistic portrait of that wonderful proverb, made so real and touchable by the seemingly simple story. This is a story which wears well because it deals with timeless truths. It reads well when performed out loud and is a marvelous tool for teaching truth to young minds. I expect it will still be inspiring people a century from now! The continuation of the tale in the volume "The Garden" is also worthwhile. Although your feet may be on Earth, if your mind can touch the stars, don't miss this magnificent story! or Lee Armstrong from Greenville, North Carolina , September 4, 1998

Artist: Michael Nesmith

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1. Opening Theme (Life, The Unsuspecting Captive)

2. Dance Between Raindrops

3. Elusive Ragings

4. Waking Mystery

5. Hear Me Calling?

6. Marie's Theme

7. Closing Theme