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Q: Is there any recent news on Nez?
A: Nez has been busy working on a book he hopes to publish by Spring 2017. We also have a mailing list you can sign up for, which you can get to by clicking here. You can always check Facebook for updates as well.

Q: Are there any recent interviews with Nez?
A: Yes there are. Here is a list of some that he has done:

1. "Q&A: Michael Nesmith on His Recommitment to the Monkees" by The Rolling Stone magazine
2. "Q&A: Michael Nesmith on Solo Tour and Being the 'Difficult Monkee'" by Rolling Stone magazine
3. "A chat with Michael Nesmith of The Monkees" from The San Diego Union-Tribune
4. "Get to know the mysterious Monkee, Michael Nesmith" from Goldmine Magazine

Q: Are there any recent reviews on Nez' work?
A: Yes, there are some. Here is a list:

1. Top 10 Country Rock Albums from About Entertainment
2. Magnetic South review from AllMusic
3. And the Hits Just Keep on Comin' review from AllMusic

Q: I'm new to Nez' work. What should I try first?
A: You should try the CD "Tropical Campfires". It's considered by many to be his best album. It's available for download at 99 cents a song, just click here to get to the page. If you want a good laugh, try Elephant Parts on DVD, which is a combination of comedy and music. It won a Grammy in 1981.

Q: Is Nez ever going to write another novel?
A: He is currently in the final editing stages for the book "Listen to the Band" that is projected to be published in Spring 2017. You can check out his other two novels, The Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora and The America Gene, at Videoranch.

Q. Where else can I hear Nez on the Internet?
A. Nez ' music is available to hear and download here at Videoranch. Go to the products page and choose the download option on the left of the screen. We have samples for some of the albums and songs we sell. You can also find his music on Rhapsody, iTunes, Google Play, and Pandora.

Q. Where can I hear Nez' music on the radio?
A. There's a radio station out of Freedom California called KPIG. It started in the early 70's as KFAT, and has faithfully played Nez's music since its beginning. You can hear all of his music from The First National Band days to "Tropical Campfire's" If you don't live within a 50 mile radius of Freedom, you can go to and listen to it over the net. They play a lot of great music from John Hiatt to Lucinda Williams to Sonny Landreth.

Q. Has Nez ever worked with Bob Dylan?
A. No. Nez has never met or talked to him, although Nez has great respect for his work. The reports about any collaboration between him and Dylan are completely false.

Q. Did Nez ever work with the Beatles?
A. No. He had a short, friendly acquaintance with John Lennon and Ringo Starr, but it was entirely social.

Q. Does Nez run any other Michael Nesmith sites or have a MySpace page?
A. No. There are a stack of fan sites run by other people. Nez does NOT have his own MySpace page. There are some MySpace pages that claim to be Nez, but they are not. The only Michael Nesmith site that is run by Nez is Videoranch. He also keeps a Facebook page (click here to see it) and is a frequent user of Twitter.

Q: What inspires him?
A: He's inspired by the work of other artists. Visually, his tastes run from Renoir to Ruscha. Henry Miller was Neftoon's northstar. As for music, he listens to everything all the time.

Q: Is Nez ever going to do a third part to The Prison and The Garden?
A: Why yes indeed. He just finished the last part of the Infinitia Trilogy, and it is called The Ocean. Click here to purchase the CD or click here to purchase the download.

Q: What's the deal with Nez and autographs?
A: If you purchase anything from Videoranch, you can request to have it personalized with his signature. You can email or call us with what you would like to have personalized on your item(s).

Q: Does Nez really sign the autographs that are in the frames you have for sale as well as the Blossom Special and The Prison LP?
A: He sure does, and he dates them as well. You can ask for most anything to be signed from Videoranch. Sometimes shipping will be delayed to get his signature.

Q: Will he personalize the autographs?
A: Yes, just send us an email or give us a call when you place your order. Make sure to include your name and order number, and give us a couple of days to track the boss down.

Q: Is Nez really the father of Country Rock?
A: We don't know, but a lot of people seem to think so. We asked Nez and he said he didn't pay any attention to stuff like that. Listen to his earlier albums ( Magnetic South, Loose Salute, etc.) and judge for yourself. One thing you might want to check out: If you can get hold of an Ian Matthews album Nez produced called "Valley Hi", listen to "Seven Bridges Road", specifically the vocals Nez and Ian did. Make a note of the date they recorded it and then listen to the Eagles version of the same song and the date it was recorded. Hmm...

Q: Anything else we should know?
A: He's a trustee and president of the Gihon Foundation.

Q: Did Nez invent MTV?
A: In a word, yes.

Q: Did Nez' mom really invent Liquid Paper?
A: Yes

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