Timerider Soundtrack CD

Timerider Soundtrack CD

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Product Description

Timerider, the movie, was written and produced by Nez in the early 80s and we've been selling the video for years. Now, for the first time, the soundtrack, written, produced and performed by Nez, is available on CD exclusively at Videoranch. It's a beautifully produced instrumental album...high energy rock and roll.

Artist: Michael Nesmith

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1. The Baja 1000
2. Lost in the Weeds
3. Somewhere Around 1875
4. Scared to Death
5. Silks and Sixguns
6. Dead Man's Duds
7. Two Swanns at the Pond
8. I Want That Machine
9. Escape to San Marcos
10. Claire's Cabin
11. No Jurisdiction
12. Murder at Swallow's Camp
13. Claire's Rescue
14. Up the Hill to Nowhere
15. Out of Ammo
16. Reprise