Pacific Arts Box Set - A Nesmith sampler. Includes four complete albums.

Pacific Arts Box Set - A Nesmith sampler. Includes four complete albums.

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A wonderful Nesmith sampler put together by Demon Music out of the UK. The Pacific Arts Box Set was created in 2012 and is a five disc (four CDs + NTSC/Region 0 DVD) collection. The albums contained in this box were originally released on Nesmith's own Pacific Arts' label in 1977, 1979 and 1992, and have been digitally remastered by Nesmith from the original multi-track tapes. The booklet features extensive and revealing annotation by Nez himself. Amongst the many stand-out songs featured across the four albums are the Top 30 UK hit 'Rio', 'Magic', 'Laugh Kills Lonesome' and fabulous live versions of 'Different Drum', 'Silver Moon', 'Papa Gene's Blues', 'Propinquity', 'Some Of Shelly's Blues' and 'Joanne'. The five promo videos on the bonus DVD appeared in the Grammy Award-winning Elephant Parts, although the film for Rio was originally made to promote the UK single release.This box set is in stock at Videoranch and ships from our warehouse here in the USA.


1. Rio

2. Casablanca Moonlight

3. More Than We Imagine

4. Navajo Trail

5. We Are Awake

6. Wisdom Has Its Way

7. Loves First Kiss

8. The Other Room

9. Dance

10. Magic

11. Tonite

12. Flying [long version]

13. Carioca

14. Cruisin

15. Factions

16. Light

17. Horserace

18. Capsule

19. Yellow Butterfly

20. Laugh Kills Lonesome

21. Moon Over The Rio Grande

22. One

23. Juliana

24. Brazil

25. In The Still Of The Night

26. Rising In Love

27. Begin The Beguine

28. I Am Not That

29. For The Island

30. Twilight On The Trail

31. Two Different Roads

32. Papa Genes Blues

33. Propinquity

34. Some Of Shellys Blues

35. Joanne

36. Tomorrow And Me

37. The Upside Of Goodbye

38. Harmony Constant

39. Silver Moon

40. 5 Second Concerts

41. Yellow Butterfly

42. Moon Over The Rio Grande

43. Juliana

44. Laugh Kills Lonesome

45. I Am Not That

46. Rising In Love

47. Rio

48. Different Drum

49. Magic-DVD

50. Tonite-DVD

51. Cruisin-DVD

52. Lights-DVD

53. Rio-DVD